Quick Help

Quick Help (Similar To FAQ)

1)I cannot run BlueGem.
Check weather you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Without it BlueGem will not work.

2) In which programming language is BlueGem programmed?
BlueGem is programmed with Visual Basic

3) BlueGem is slow to open.
If you have too many programs open, this can happen.

4) How to open a .rtf file with BlueGem by double-clicking it?
That feature will be added in the later versions.

5) How can I run BlueGem on my Mac or Linux computer?
Unfortunately, BlueGem cannot run on Mac/Linux/Unix based operating systems.

8) Does BlueGem work on Windows 8 Consumer/Release Preview?
It had not been tested on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It is believed to run if you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher.

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